RFID reader with a Raspberry Pi

RFID reader with a Raspberry Pi

RFID reader with a Raspberry Pi


This project was created for a school project, the goal was to create a totem for school attendance that would check if the student was present on the database and would therefore register everyone’s entries and exits.


The code published on this repository allows the creation of an attendance control system, this manages errors related to the internet connection mainly, it is structured so that the raspberry cannot be used for other purposes, to avoid compromises by unauthorized personnel. We have built and tested everything we have written (and built) obtaining a good result.


The operation is very simple, the raspberry pi is always waiting for an RFID tag, when this is passed a request is forwarded to our webAPI which checks the authenticity of the scanned UID. An audible and visual signal will signal the success or failure of the reading The daemon script will be used to restart the reading process in case it is interrupted or stopped in any way. This file must be inserted in the raspberry .bashrc file in order to be started automatically at each start, the script can start the program autonomously for reading.

Technology Used

We used:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • RC522 RFID sensor
  • couple of LEDs
  • 3D printed box


This project was developed with the help of: