Math Bullet

Math Bullet

Our game

Our team is committed to the creation of a game to make more fun and inclusive rehabilitation activities for people with multiple sclerosis.

Used Technologies

Our game uses Pygame for the graphic part and OpenCV to manage the input system. The start menu we built uses speechToText technology, so the system will recognize a list of words (inizia, esci, muta, volume) for the controll of the start menu options.


Through the tracking of an object with a specific color we can move a pointer on the screen and select what we desire.

Game Logic

The Goal of the game is select the mathematical operation to be solved and, within a certain time, select the answer, then, if the answer is correct, move on to the next question.

The player must select one of the solutions and if the result is correct the game will continue for 5 times, otherwise, if the player misses one of these answers the player will lose.

The game is set in the Far West, so the animations and clothing reflect the place chosen.


We have a Frequently Asked Question here for respond to common question


The movement of the sprites will be such as to emulate a gunfight between bandits: every time the player responds correctly will go one step further and if he manages to answer 5 questions correctly then shoot the opponent, otherwise if he makes a mistake, the opponent will shoot the player.

Question screen

Answer screen

Game over

We would like to thank:

For the opportunity we have been offered