BPSC smart blockchain

BPSC smart blockchain

Smart Blockchain


I think the question arises, why make such a thing? well I don’t know, I only did it because I didn’t have much else to do.


The functioning is similar but substantially different from a normal cryptocurrency blockchain (besides the fact that this is only a Proof of Concept). The biggest difference is the verification algorithm. As you know crypto like Bitcoin rely on a PoW-type (Proof of Work) algorithm, this requires enormous computing power (and therefore a lot of electricity) as well as a lot of time, other cryptocurrencies like Cardano use PoS (Proof of Stake) which is based on distributed consensus, but requires large quantities of blocked currency (“in staking”) to validate transactions. Using BPSCs (Block Producer Smart Contracts) you can completely eliminate the concept of miner.


It is called “Smart Blockchain”, in this type of chain the transactions are validated by a third party (precisely the BPSC) who validates the transaction and creates the block to hang on the blockchain, all the quickly and above all economic way, since they can be entered (or not) interest on transactions.


If you want to know more here you can find all the details.


Here is my repo, feel free to contribute!