Selfhosting #1

Selfhosting #1

Selfhosting | My experience pt.1

Series of n articles in which I will show my homelab, from the hardware to the software.


When I started this project, so almost 5 years ago, I had almost no components at my disposal, so my rack consisted of an aluminum cabinet from IKEA where I had housed a very old desktop computer (with an Intel Celeron and 2gb RAM) and a 10/100 switch salvaged from a landfill.

Over time I have salvaged here and there almost everything I have now, starting with the rack cabinet that was salvaged thanks to a small company in the place where I live that was getting rid of it, an HP gigabit switch that was given up for broken (actually it was just to be cleaned), a desktop computer with an i7-4790 and 16gb of RAM that may not sound like much, but for now it performs excellently everything I need to do with relatively low power consumption.

To complete the setup I included a Raspberry Pi that acts as a sd-blocker with Pi-Hole and could not miss a Mikrotik hAp to generate a secondary wifi network starting from the main one at my home

In short the components are these:

  • Raspberry pi 3b
  • Mikrotik hAp
  • Server (Intel i7 4790, 16gbram, 4tb main raid, 1tb second raid)
  • Hp ProCruve 2510 gigabit switch
  • 3com 10/100 switch
  • tp-link 5 port gigabit switch
  • 24 port patch panel
  • 2x 200 Aerocool fan
  • Aliexpress 12v fan controller

I leave some pictures of how it came to the whole





I forgot to mention the 2 cheapest 200 fans on amazon and a fan-controller picked up from aliexpress to provide some air recirculation (especially for the switches)

Coming up next

In the next part I will appronfond everything that is installed on my main server