EnadeavourOS | After 3 years

EnadeavourOS | After 3 years

Endeavour OS | After 3 years as a daily driver

Opinions, merits and demerits of a distro that I have been using stably on all my devices for 3 years now

Strengths and weaknesses

EndeavourOS is an Arch-based distro that replaces what was Antergos, now deprecated.

This is one of the distros that stands as a “simplified” version of vanilla Arch, the installer is graphical, we find preinstalled all the necessary packages, from a DE to the browser.

Despite this, under the hood we always find the usual arch package manager and a lot of very nice things.

Endeavour in the installer offers the option for an installation on BTRFS file system (I will do a post later on this topic) which offers several advantages for the user.

An interesting treat we find is a kernel manager with a GUI that allows you to install zen, hardened, LTS and RT kernels.

Talking about the downsides I haven’t found any yet, except endeavouros repos that are not always up-to-date and few other things like some stutter during boot and not-so-fast boot times.

Personal opinions

After 3 years of use this distro proved to be extremely customizable and perfectly suited to the use I had to (and must) make of it, having said that it is definitely not a distro that is good to start with, in fact it requires some experience on the part of the user to function at its best.

I think the Endeavour team has done a great job with this project, making Arch more accessible to the public by having all the common issues with that particular distro avoided.

Having said that I can only give a more than positive opinion and recommend it to any of you who want to try a bleeding-edge distro without necessarily having to deal with long and complicated installations or too difficult configurations

If you would like to learn more about this project, I leave some useful links: